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About Kip Macklejar

Kip Macklejar is an up and coming rock artist based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a love for classic rock and a fun, energetic sound, Kip Macklejar is one of the hottest names in the rock genre!
Although Kip Macklejar is a young artist, he grew up listening to what many might now consider “the oldies.” Kip Macklejar has always been obsessed with bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cage the Elephant, and Frank Zappa. Kip Macklejar can remember seeing the Rolling Stones play at age 13 and being so excited by the concert that he signed up for guitar lessons the very next day. This love for rock music comes from the deep connection between rock music and Kip Macklejar’s personality. For Kip Macklejar, rock music—much like life—is all about going against the grain and being as unapologetically fun and original as possible. In making his music, Kip Macklejar remembers the inspiring attitude of the rock legends before him, while striving to make his music authentic and original in unique ways
Kip Macklejar’s sound is a blend of upbeat rock and blues rhythms, resulting in a funky sound that pays homage to its classic rock roots. Perhaps the best example of this sound is the 2020 single Alligator Swamp Monster. The viral track has gained attention on internet playlists for its playful and funky energy that gets listeners feeling like a badass!
Currently, Kip Macklejar is working on the release of the upcoming EP, The Coal Miner’s Daughter, which will be released as a three-part song and feature accompanying animated music videos that bring the story within the songs to life. Kip Macklejar hopes that the EP will help him show off his lyrical storytelling abilities, while also helping him to further develop and mature his rock/blues sound. In the meantime, Kip Macklejar is excited to meet new fans and to continue spreading good vibes with his unique music!

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